Renegade Paintball Games

Where the Xtreme come to Play!

About Us!

Renegade Paintball Games, Ink. is the long time dream of Jared VanZandt.  We are at humble beginnings with aspirations to expand to a much larger scale in the future. As with any small start, we are a work in progress and look forward to where our expansions will take us each week.   Plans include an outdoor air bunker field and further down the road, an indoor paintball field with a few tweaks to traditional paintball play.  For now, we are located in Orange (Mauriceville) on Militia Field where paintball is played in the woods...  We enjoy entertaining the young and the young at heart with our own brand of Xtreme Paintball. We get you off the couch and off the video games and into the heart of paintball combat..  Call us, we would be glad to hear from you.